During the Platinum Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth and her 70-year reign earlier this month

photographer Tim Rooke faced a challenging dilemma. He had his camera trained at the Buckingham Palace balcony

taking snapshots of Prince Louis as he made all of the faces on the emoji keyboard, becoming a viral star of the bank holiday weekend.

But Rooke, the Royal Photographer for Rex by Shutterstock, couldn’t catch them all.

“For us it’s far more interesting when the children are there,” Rooke explained in a recent interview.

“I did miss a few. It was quite difficult. He made some great expressions, but the problem is that you’re obviously not just there to photograph him.

So you’re also looking at the Prince of Wales, and so on, and when you look at somebody else, it’s inevitable you end up missing other pictures.

That struggle works as a metaphor for the royal photographers’ jobs overall.

Ever since 1991, Rooke has been a full-time royal photographer, giving him unique insight into the personalities of the royals and their day-to-day lives.

He noted that the royals and the photographers who follow them have a “symbiotic” and good-natured relationship.