Minneapolis meteorologist Eric Ahasic opened his second week on “Jeopardy!” Monday with yet another blowout win of $26,800, bringing his six-day total to $160,601.

Host Mayim Bialik opened the show by ticking off Ahasic’s accomplishments thus far.

He has averaged 24 correct responses per game, found 13 of the 15 available Daily Doubles and won enough money to ensure his win in four of five games.

“These are the performance stats of a potential superchampion,” Bialik announced.

But at the beginning of the first round, a student from Toledo, Ohio, looked as if he were going to make things difficult for Ahasic as the two remained relatively close in score.

(The third contestant, a banking director from New York, struggled in a distant third.)

The Toledo student also found, and lost, the first Daily Double. Ahasic had the lead at the end of round one with $6,800 to $2,800 and minus-$200.