Influential British theater and film director Peter Brook has died at the age of 97, according to French media reports.

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by wikigiri | Jun 3, 2022 

Brooke, who has lived in France since the early 1970s, has won numerous

awards during his seven-decade career in the arts, including Tonis, Ames and Olivier.

He directed famous names including Sir Lawrence Olivier

Sir John Gilgood and Adrian Lester.Le Monde told the newspaper he died in Paris on Saturday.

Brooke's publisher, Nick Horn Books, also paid tribute,

saying he had "left behind an incredible artistic legacy."

Brooke was born to Lithuanian Jewish parents in Chiswick

west London, on 21 March 1925, and attended Westminster School, then Oxford University.

His first production was in 1943 at the Torch Theater in London. Belonged to Faustus.