The stars of the Railway Children sequel - The Railway Children Return - actually returned

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by wikigiri | Jun 4, 2022 

to where it all started, Kylie in West Yorkshire for the film's world premiere.

Jenny Agutor - J. E. The original, based on the Newsbeat novel, was featured in a 1970s

classic - joined by Sheridan Smith and Tom Courtney. 

They boarded a steam train at the Worth Valley Railway before attending the premiere screening at the city’s Heritage Cinema.

Family Classic Nearly three children were forced to live with their mother in a cottage

in Yorkshire and take on adventures involving steam trains.

Jenny returned to play the role of mother in the 2000 TV movie version, and is now back in this sparky sequel

 imagining a new generation of railway children, as her original character, 40 years older and grandmother.

"I've been here a lot, in my childhood and later and in both television and film making obviously film making and going back