Jeff Bridges plays an aging ex-CIA asset in the new FX thriller The Old Man… but Thursday’s premiere proved we shouldn’t count the old guy out just yet.

‘The Old Man’ Recap: Premiere on FX, Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow | TVLine

(Plus, he’s having unsettling dreams about a woman crouched in his bathroom.)

In a phone call, his daughter Emily remembers how “indestructible” she once thought he was, but now she’s worried about him.

He’s a little worried, too, asking a doctor to run cognitive tests on him since his late wife Abby had problems in that area.

Dan also notices someone watching him in a local shop, so he sets up a rudimentary alarm system in his home with a string of old tomato cans.

That night — after a dream where we learn the woman in the bathroom is Abby, agitated and confused — he wakes up to the sound of cans rattling, and he snaps out of bed, gun drawn.