Disney+ 's upcoming comedy series Muppet Mayhem had an 

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by wikigiri | Jun 3, 2022 

accident late Friday night on the set when a crew truck collided

with a tree on a cliff near the Griffith Observatory, sources told Deadline.

We've heard that no one was injured but the timing of the accident, about 11:30 PM, 

 is likely to resurrect the decades-long Hollywood issue on set.

According to sources, Muppet Mayhem has been shooting for a few weeks which includes long days.

Location shoot is allowed by FilmLA. The non-profit agency is supposed to report all incidents 

 that occur during outdoor production on city streets or in places like Griffith Park.

FilmLa did not respond to a request for comment from the deadline.

Adam F., creator of The Goldberg. Developed and written by Goldberg, Muppets veterans Bill Beretta and Jeff Yorkes