One formulaic approach that the streaming services have resorted to in order to acquire new content is to green light projects that have reliable names attached to them,

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even if the concept and screenplay often don’t carry much sustained power. Seems these lightweight concepts have enough to get audiences perked up.

Man Vs. Bee (Netflix) – At one point, you could add a N to the last word of this limited series and understand why this even exists.

It’s Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr. Bean, who’s been brought back for this slight, nine episodes show

with each episode running for something like 12 minutes. Why this has even been cut into episodes and not just one running film escapes me.

Perhaps they were nostalgic for the Bean format; but those were essentially stand-alone episodes, whereas MvsB follows a linear narrative.

The very basic premise is Trevor (Atkinson) is a house sitter for the home of a rich, modern family,

and when a bumblebee enters the house, all forms of havoc and mayhem ensues.

Now I get the premise and anyone who’s been in a car when there’s a mosquito or fly buzzing around, will sympathize with the plight of Trevor.

And yes, there are other elements introduced, like Cupcake the pet dog, a gardener, and the ultra-modern house with art pieces and vintage cars

but at the end of the day, it’s really the struggle between man and bee that carry the film, and there are several moments when it feels like they’re stretching