The Duchess of Cornwall commissioned the Duchess of Cambridge to photograph the cover of Country Life

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by wikigiri | Jun 5, 2022 

Magazine on her 75th birthday. Royal critic Victoria Arbiter said the move reflected

a "warm relationship" between Prince Charles and Prince William's wives.

Mrs. Arbiter tweeted: "This is a beautiful story and it speaks to the warm relationship between the two future Queen Concerts."

Other Twitter users agreed with Royal Expert about Kate's Camilla pics.

One, Betsy Tare commented: "The photos are so beautiful - I've never seen Camilla look better.

Kate is so talented, but their warm relationship shines."

Camilla is the cover star of Country Life for her birthday as well as the magazine's 125th anniversary.

The Duchess of Cornwall was asked to guest edit the latest edition of the publication to mark the occasion.

The cover image shows the Prince of Wales' wife smiling as she sits on a bench with a trug full of pelargonium ready for planting.