Nicholas Brown of Succession was running down the street around Soho in Manhattan,

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by wikigiri | Jun 13, 2022 

unable to stop moving and feeling "a little crazy". Hwang Dong-huk, the creator of 'Squid Game', 

was hunking in the solitude of an island to write Season 2 but took a break for a bottle of champagne.

Jane Lynch was to get some sushi in a few hours before performing on Broadway.

He and many others rejoiced after being nominated for an Emmy Award.

“God, this is a lifelong work, the people I work with. You’re very talented, and we really have a family thing.

Just so many special artists who know their characters like the back of their hands.

 When I'm in a scene, I'm a fan too and I think, 'Oh my God, they're just killing 

him!' So it’s really the greatest song, and I’m so happy for everyone else getting their props.

Nicholas Brown of 'Success', nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, one of the top 25 nominees for the series.