Noah Schnapp has revealed that Doja Kate requested him to join a fellow Stranger Things cast member.

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by wikigiri | Jun 8, 2022 

If you’ve watched Four Seasons of Stranger Things, you already know that it’s very impossible to get away from it without the big crush

on the misunderstood metalhead AD played by Joseph Quinn. Apparently pop star Doja Kate wasn’t immune either.

Stranger Things star, Noah Schnapp, 17, (aka Will Byers), reveals in a tic-tac-toe video that the American rapper

sent him an Instagram message, requesting that he tell Quinn to slide into his DM.

Schnapp cited a video from another TikTok user who shared a screenshot of Doja

Cat commenting "It's f ** king criminal" under Quinn's photo.

Snape decided to share his screenshot of the 26-year-old rapper's conversation, asking for Queen's introduction.

"Noah you can call Joseph hmu," she wrote (meaning "hit me up", for anyone who needs a translation).

She then kindly confirms that Quinn is single before she enters, "Don't wait, does she have a GF?".