After a fascinating episode on June 15, 2022, Ms. Marvel will return with a new episode next week.

Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) story will continue from the previous episode, which ended on a tight cliffhanger.

The show started with a brilliant premise and lived up to its hype in the two episodes it has released so far.

The second episode saw Kamala try out her luck as a superhero for the first time with hilarious and ambiguous results.

Marvel has already established how difficult it is to be a superhero, even with superpowers.

Kamala's exploits ended in a bigger crisis at the last moment, opening up a whole lot of possibilities for the series.

Before discussing the cliffhanger, one must go back to Kamran's (played by Rish Shah) appearance at the beginning of the second episode.

Titled Crushed, the episode largely revolved around Kamran, a boy from Kamala Khan's college on whom she has a crush.

While things start out almost like a fairytale for the two, things appear to be too good between Kamala and Kamran, almost in an uncanny way.

He also seems to make an appearance at the perfect moment all the time.