Mandy Moore congratulates that 2022 Primetime Ames has given more

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by wikigiri | Jun 13, 2022 

nominations for "This Is Us" for "Crazy, Wild Talented Cast and Crew".

The 38-year-old actress - who played Matriarch Rebecca Pearson for six seasons

of the show in 2016 and earlier this year - expressed frustration that the long-running play

was only recognized for her husband Taylor in a series of outstanding original music and songs.

Goldsmith and composer Siddharth Khosla for his song 'The Forever Now' on social media on Tuesday (12.07.22).

On her Instagram story after the awards ceremony was announced, Mandy wrote:

"I wish our show was [sic] the best time I think it was known? Exactly. The train)? @Kenolin1's [Ken Olin] flawless direction? Our insane, wildly talented cast and crew? Yes. ”

The 'The Princess Diaries' star admitted that although her show was largely ignored by the television academy

there was "nothing" that could dispel what the ABC series meant for "many",