What was a dark day for Democracy turned out to be a shining night for late night TV.

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Cassidy Hutchinson, the top aide to former President Donald Trump’s last Chief of Staff Mark Meadows

gave riveting testimony of scenes that bordered on the absurd as the United States Capitol came under siege by Trump’s supporters and in the lead up to that event.

One of the stories she told was how Trump, as described later by Trevor Noah, lost his sh** when he found out

about an interview his then-Attorney General Bill Barr had given to the Associated Press.

Hubbard related a scene she witnessed while walking into the dining room where

according to the White House valet who was about to clean ketchup off the wall, the then-president had thrown the his lunch — and plate — against the wall.

Asked if that were an isolated example Hubbard replied, “There were several instances throughout

my tenure where I was aware of him throwing dishes or flipping the table cloth to let all of the contents of the table go onto the floor.”

Or as Noah summed it up on the Daily Show, “Trump was constantly throwing food tantrums.”