LOS ANGELES — Judy Tenuta, a brash stand-up who cheekily styled herself as the “Love Goddess

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by wikigiri | october 7, 2022 

and toured with George Carlin as she built her career in the 1980s golden age of comedy, died Thursday. She was 72.

Tenuta died Thursday afternoon at home in Los Angeles, with her family around her,

publicist Roger Neal told The Associated Press. The cause of death was ovarian cancer.

“She was a very funny, amazing performer,” Neal said, and it was always a “happy time to be around her.”

Tenuta had claimed her birthdate as Nov. 7, 1965, but she was born in 1949, Neal said.

“She was old school so she would never tell her real age, but now that she’s gone we can tell her real age,” he added.

Her heart-shaped face, topped by bouffant hair with a flower accent, conveyed an impression of sweet

innocence that was quickly shattered by her loud, gravelly delivery and acidic humor, expletives included.

The accordion she made part of her act was “an instrument of love and submission,” as she fondly called it.