John Stuart v. Rowe, who made abortion a constitutional right in America. 

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by wikigiri | Jun 3, 2022 

Has publicly condemned the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Wade's historic case.

In his show, The Problem with John Stewart, the comedian stated that the Supreme Court is "Fox News of Justice." 

He continues, “I mean, there’s no consistency. 

States can't control guns, but they can control [the uterus], you know? "

The ruling marks 50 years before the landmark 1973 case that gave women in the U.S.

the right to terminate pregnancy under federal law, followed by the 1992 decision

Planned Parenthood v. Casey - who retained most of the rights.

“It’s an insolent business the way Fox News will come out with‘ We are fair and balanced ’is

what will be a high-status effort for the betterment of society, journalism,” he said.