Johnny Depp had previously said in court he would not return to play Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean film

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 It was recently reported that he is now signing a $301m deal with Disney.

Johnny Depp's representative has finally commented on reports about the actor's return to Disney.

A recent report said that Johnny has been in talks with Disney to play his popular character Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The report also said that Johnny will be paid a whopping $301 million by Disney for his comeback.

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However, Johnny's representative denied the reports that the actor will join hands with Disney almost

four years after they reportedly cut ties with him, when his ex-wife Amber Heard spoke about being a domestic abuse victim in an op-ed.

Speculations about Johnny making a comeback to the Disney film have been rife, ever since a jury ruled mostly in his favour in his recent defamation trial against Amber.

His rep told NBC News about the source-based report in Poptopic, "This is made up."