It appears the remaining members of Led Zeppelin were approached by a production team hoping to create a Zeppelin stage show comprised of holographic images of the band.

Page, however, let a door open to his possible thinking, remarking about the Elvis Presley stage show, Elvis: The Concert, "I bet that was good, but I didn't see it."

It isn't clear if the idea was to have the remaining members—Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones—play along to a hologram of late drummer John Bonham, or to create holograms of the entire band similar to what Swedish pop group ABBA launched this week.

ABBA Voyage is a completely holographic performance tour featuring the 70s sensations "performing" their greatest hits. While Page was in Wales for the annual Hay Festival, he said he and his former bandmates were asked to do "that sort of thing," alluding to the ABBA show, but that it "didn't really get moving," as Page, Plant, and Jones couldn't agree on details.

But it’s a confusing comment, since that show, spearheaded by Elvis Presley Productions, did not feature The King in hologram form, and only used video and audio recordings in its production.

It ran in the US and Europe from 1997 to 2007. Recently, Priscilla Presley was asked about a possible holographic Elvis tour, but she revealed she was not impressed by the technology.

However, like it or not, hologram tours are here for the foreseeable future—even though the waters are still relatively uncharted, and the ship can go under at any time.