Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner return for the last seven episodes of their money-laundering drama.

In Paramount+’s newly released The Offer, various characters spend 10 hours wandering around telling anybody who will listen that the movie they’re making isn’t about the mafia,

but rather about family and the American Dream. Because the movie they’re making is The Godfather, they’re largely correct.

The concluding seven episodes of Ozark are similarly dominated by characters attempting to frame 44 episodes of Netflix misbehavior as being all about family and the American Dream.

I’d glibly call it The Awful, but that would overplay my series-long ambivalence toward Ozark.

Yes, I think the show’s second season probably was awful and its third season was probably comfortably better than average.

In the balance, though, I’ve thought Ozark was a mixed bag — always worthy of consideration thanks to a few standout performances and a reliably churning sense of suspense,