Impact Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander is once again at the top of the mountain, and now he will look to continue his Title reign at one of Impact's biggest events of the year.

That would be this Sunday's Slammiversary, where he will face Eric Young for the prestigious Title. had the chance to speak to Alexander all about Slammiversary and his match against Young,

which is actually one of Alexander's dream matches, though we also talked about the evolution of Impact, the effect TNA and Impact have had on the wrestling world, and much more.

Impact has evolved so much since it first debuted as TNA, and it's affected the greater wrestling world in a number of ways throughout its rollercoaster journey.

Alexander was there at the beginning of TNA's journey as a fan and remembers the match that showcased what made it so special.

"Oh, I think that the wrestling industry today across the entire landscape, throughout the world, would not be the same without what TNA did, especially in those early years," Alexander said.

"I started my relationship with Impact Wrestling as a fan, like everybody else. On that Wednesday night, June 19th, 2002, I ordered the very first pay-per-view as a 15 or 16-year-old kid.

I ran inside and ordered that thing right away. Because I was craving something different from my pro wrestling.

I fell out of love with pro wrestling over the previous couple of years, right? I wanted something different.