The most expensive, exclusive and extraordinary features of the fashion industry - Haute Couture.

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by wikigiri | Jun 6, 2022 

Haute Couture refers to the high of fashion that takes place for a few days in Paris.

Let’s check out the significance of the word haute couture? 

The literal meaning of this French word is "high dress making" which is the invention of a special custom-fitting apparel.

Haute Couture means that all elements are hand-built from beginning to end

and are made from high-quality fabrics and sewn by the most skilled and qualified gutters.

At the Kochhar sale, the client can authenticate the weight of the fabric and yarn selected according to the style and cut of the garment.

As we can tell she is not imaginative in any other ready-to-wear

fashion collection for making customized yarn for the outfit. 

The pieces of Haute Couture are made only by the hands of the very skilled