Brian Cox initially objected to Logan Roy playing his eccentric character on Succession

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by wikigiri | Jul 2, 2022 

because he had to "pay this terrible man for this time."

But then Cox realized, "He's not a terrible guy at all. He's a very misunderstood man."

Scottish actor Logan Roy plays the media stalwart and patriarch of a privileged

dysfunctional family whose members have consistently supported and then betrayed 

each other through four seasons of the increasingly popular drama.

Cox told The Times of London about her Golden Globe-winning performance in the HBO hit drama:

"What I love about Logan is that he has an evil spirit. He knows how to get people to go and he intentionally shakes people up.

He's constantly waking people up, even if it's a Be cruel in any way. 

He told The Times of London that he believed Succession to be "a very sad show", 

despite the humor and sharp-witted wit between the characters.