On Friday, June 10, Justin Bieber surprised his millions of followers and fans when he showed a video of himself, revealing that one side of his face was paralyzed.

while explaining that he was suffering from a strange syndrome called Ramsay Hunt and which was reason enough to take care of himself and cancel all the shows of his current Tour Justice, during this 2022.

In an exclusive interview for the program "Buenos Días América" (Good Morning America) Hailey spoke about Justin's health status and his need to tell all his fans:

He's doing great, he's getting better every day. It feels much better. Obviously, it was a very scary situation, but he's going to be totally fine.

Going through it publicly in front of a lot of people kind of…forces you to be honest about what you're going through so people understand what you're going through."

In addition to that, Hailey highlighted the immense support she has received from friends, fans and family who have been at the

pending the health of her husband and have left him messages of love and some recommendations.

One of the most famous youth singers in the world, Justin Bieber, announced through a video that he was sick

Obviously, you may have noticed that my face is frozen. I have this syndrome called Ramsay

Hunt and it is a virus that attacks the nerves in my ear, which caused my face to look like this.