Lee Mitchell has been cast as Fanny Bryce in Funny Girl's Broadway resurrection

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by wikigiri | Jun 12, 2022 

but the former Cheer co-star is furious at the news, claiming that "Broadway supports whiteness."

Sammy Ware had previously accused Mitchell of being subjected to "shocking micro-aggressions

on the glee set, which led to stories about Mitchell's behavior coming from members of other actors. 

Michelle later apologized for her previous behavior.

Michelle will take on the role of Fanny Bryce after Bini Feldstein's tumultuous run in the lead role on Broadway.

After the news broke on Monday, referring to news of Mitchell's casting,

Ware retweeted someone who commented "this industry will often retaliate for bad behavior."

Ware then tweeted and expressed his frustration with the casting. 

Without naming Michelle, Ware said she was "affected" and reiterated that she was "abused"