We now have a better idea of Minions have risen to astonishing heights since the birth of Sergio Pablos,

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by wikigiri | Jun 30, 2022 

some 12 years before what would become a franchise — in case you lost count

their offspring include three feature sequels (a couple years later), two prequels

a dozen Contains more than shorts. , a TV special, video games and the inevitable theme park attraction.

For parents who've lost track (kids don't forget things like that), Despicable Me gave birth to their

first child, Minions, legitimately five years ago, and it's hard to argue it was worth the wait.

this set-in-hippie-era San Francisco sequel provides reasonable entertainment for almost the first hour,

only to be overtaken by its reception thereafter. Still, it will keep kids tolerably happy at its opening Friday via Universal.

Among many other factors in its favor, this is yet another lightsaber creation that adults will not only tolerate

but can actually enjoy up to a point, thanks largely to cheeky counter-culture jokes