Cordae can now add TED Talker to his resume. The North Carolina-bred rapper hosted his first-ever TED Talk in April, where he discussed the power of maintaining “The Hi-Level Mindset.”

The Lost Boy rapper began by saying it was his mom who first showed him the “Hi-Level Mindset,” which led to him being disciplined and optimistic for the future.

“The Hi-Level Mindset wasn’t something that she directly taught me or purposefully instilled in me, but something I learned simply by observation,” Cordae said.

“The Hi-Level Mindset is a philosophy, it’s a wavelength to apply to your everyday thoughts and regiment.”

He went on to break down the steps necessary to achieve this mindset, with the first step being to remain positive.

He applied this first step to a moment early on in his career when he released a mixtape that only garnered 200 downloads.

Cordae’s TED Talk comes as he’s been seen rubbing shoulders with several notable figures in tech and beyond