The Lightyear actor recently gave an interview to Access Hollywood that has sent Twitter and TikTok users into a thirst spiral.

But it’s not what Evans said in the short red-carpet clip that is gaining fans’ attention, it’s how he said it.

In fact “Chris Evans Boston accent” is currently a trending search on Twitter thanks to a few simple words: “Mustache or no mustache? Be honest.”

The original clip, which now has almost 194,000 likes, was flooded with comments about the Boston accent—many of which are too spicy to print here.

Luckily there are some SFW thoughts on Twitter. “I hate Boston accents until Chris Evans says mustache or no mustache be honest,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote, “Chris Evans asking ‘mustache or no mustache’ in his Boston accent should be illegal and grounds for arrest.”

One user, who wrote that Evans’ Boston accent makes them “feel things” received 7,000 likes on their tweet.