Carrie Underwood has recently opened up about her introverteded nature and how her husband Mike Fisher tries to keep her “balanced”.

According to PEOPLE, the Denim & Rhinestones singer appeared on Today's Country Radio where she mentioned that she used to feel jittery while facing big crowds.

“I don't want to go to restaurants, I don't want to travel. I don't want to go anywhere,” she added, “she added.

Being a singer, Carrie has been performing in front of thousands of people, however, she confessed if it was up to her, she would spend “all of her time at home with her family”.

She continued, “I am always like 'We don't need to go out all the time’.”

“I love being at home. I would literally never leave my house… I get nervous in crowds and in group settings and stuff like that,” she remarked.

Meanwhile, Carrie told the host it is because of her husband, who is an extrovert by nature, that she is encouraged to step out of her comfort zone.