This past weekend, the rapper got into a heated altercation with the infamous celebrity gossip site

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by wikigiri | Jun 13, 2022 

which was captured in screenshots of deleted tweets since it was shared by other tea accounts.

According to Newsweek, it all started after Cardi exploded at an outlet to post about her daughter

Culture's fourth birthday party, and even accused her of "removing my baby from all your pages" 

and being biased against her at The Shade Room.

"Because my point is ... well you only post negative content about me, no big deal.

Blocking me from commenting on their page, okay," she wrote. 

"But please don't post my baby on Yal Funny Ish ... I don't want to grow old but leave me alone."

The star later alleged that her question was being ignored, while she accused him of doing

"suspicious things" such as blocking her from commenting on his post.