In a sting operation, orchestrated by Janice’s father, Jim Moss (Robert Wisdom), the title hit man, played by Bill Hader,

is lured into the former’s house by his acting mentor Gene Cousineau (Emmy winner Henry Winkler).

Heading into season 4, Barry has no choice but to pay the piper for killing Cousineau’s lover.

“He’s going to take me down, Barry, he’s going to ruin me,” Cousineau tells Barry about Moss in a ploy to trap his former thespian pupil.

Earlier in the episode we see Barry’s g.f., Sally (Sarah Goldberg), returning to the man who verbally abused her:

She come to the frantic decision that Barry’s blunt force could come in handy to scare off her friend Natalie (D’Arcy Carden) for stealing her TV series idea.

But then an intruder from Barry’s past breaks into the room, briefly knocking him out and nearly choking Sally to death.