The reality TV competition 'Big Brother' will return this summer to CBS with its 24th season. Here, check out when the show starts and what we know so far.

After the successful return of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in February, it is time for the comeback of the civilian version of ‘Big Brother’.

This will be the 24th season of the reality TV competition and a new group of houseguests will try to survive for months in a sequestered house.

While there were rumors about a possible return of former BB alums, the new season most likely will feature a complete new cast who will be looking for the $750,000 cash prize.

While the public doesn’t vote for the winner, America has the power to concede a prize of $75,000 for their favorite contestant.

Julie Chen Moonves will be hosting the show as she has done since the first season in 2000.

There’s still plenty of time for CBS to announce the new cast. However, we already know when the new season is beginning.

Now that it's known that Big Brother Season 24 will have a live move-in special, we can move on to wondering when the live feeds will turn on after the 90-minute premiere.

Even when Big Brother does a live move-in, live feeds often don’t turn on until the West Coast broadcast of the premiere concludes.

That creates at least a three-hour gap between the last live look at the Houseguests and the next time they're seen.