Glastonbury 2022 will take place at its natural home in Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset.

GLASTONBURY, England, June 24 (Reuters) - Festival-goers are determined to have a blast at Glastonbury and put the rising cost of fuel, food and drink to the back of their minds until they leave Worthy Farm on Monday after a weekend of escapism.

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A majority of the 200,000 people at the renowned British music festival secured a ticket in autumn 2019, when 'coronavirus' was a word familiar to few outside the science community and inflation was 1.5%.

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Although COVID restrictions are over, the festival scene is not immune to the pressure, with both vendors and revellers feeling the impact.

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"We're probably going to fork out a lot of money over the weekend whether we like it or not," said Daisy Wakefield, a 25-year-old mental health worker from Manchester.

"I think it's kind of impossible to go to a festival and not end up spending over 200 quid (pounds) probably on booze, food and travel."

Graphic designer Ben Gale said price rises would not make a difference to his plans.

"I'm just going to not look at it and then suffer the consequences later," he said. "You can't be penny-pinching once you're here, especially as we waited so long to get here."

Meals from the festival food stalls cost as much as 15 pounds ($18) or so, although options are available for less than 10 pounds and some vendors have meals for a fiver.

"The meal price is getting on for nine quid a go, whereas it was probably six or seven quid last time, so it's not the end of the world," said 57-year-old Martin Price.

Stallholders said the cost of energy, ingredients and labour had gone up, exacerbated by suppliers leaving the industry during the pandemic.

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