The controversial rapper, 31, made a fuss onstage Friday night at her Wynwood Pride performance in Miami, tossing her microphone and storming off after complaining about the event promoters' alleged unprofessionalism.

"For the last good, like, month and a half, I've just been being f—ed with. I've been being f—ed around with, you know?

Set time's been move and like, 'Oh, you're headlining. No, you're not headlining.

Now you're not this.' I'm really not happy to be here," she said with a laugh in videos shared to Twitter.

"I'm so unhappy to be here," Banks continued. "But what did the fans ever do? What did you guys ever do, right? I'm trying, y'all. But it's difficult."

Wynwood Pride did not have a comment for PEOPLE and Banks' rep did not immediately respond.

The crowd appeared to sympathize with her throughout the rant, but booing broke out after the crew cut her mic, which she subsequently tossed before leaving the stage.