On the July 10 episode of Atlanta's Real Housewives, Marlowe Hampton began

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by wikigiri | Jun 11, 2022 

the process of choosing furniture for his new home, which was 12 to 14 months away from completion.

As she saw the pieces and ordered some custom

options, Sherry Whitfield joined her for advice.

“What do you think will be the most expensive room? Living room? ” Marlowe asked Sherry

who had spent many years famously building her Chateau street.

Sherry confirmed that Marlowe's assumption was true, she shared how much she spent on her own living space.

"My living room was probably 40 something [a thousand dollars],

she said. "I have a $ 10,000 chandelier. I have 7,000. "(Watch the video above to see what it looks like.)

"So I'll spend at least $ 40,000 on the living room," Marlowe said at the conclusion, to which Sherry replied, "At least."