Twice divorced Anna Faris talked about the impact her splits have had on her, notably the first one, which made her unrecognizable.

Faris, who divorced from Ben Indra in 2008 and Chris Pratt in 2018, told comedian Chelsea Handler

how the first separation turned her into someone she didn’t recognize, but that it was also “incredibly liberating”:

Part of her liberation was starring in the Playboy-themed comedy The House Bunny and getting breast implants.

“It wasn’t a career thing — it was a divorce thing,” she said in The New Yorker.

Her divorce from Pratt, though not without its own challenges, didn’t have the same personality-altering consequences.

Faris credits their son Jack for keeping her on track: “Chris and I work really hard [to co-parent] because we have Jack.

That is sort of the long game idea and making sure Jack is really happy, which makes us really happy.

We have sort of the luxury of circumstance.”

We wish nothing but good things for Faris, Pratt, and Jack.