WWE's latest powerhouse faction Judgement Day looked to make a statement at tonight's Hell in a Cell, taking on the BulLiv Club of Finn Balor, Liv Morgan, and AJ Styles.

The mixed tag match featured a number of memorable moments, including one particular one involving Styles.

During the match Styles ended up getting knocked out of the ring to the floor, and when the camera caught him again he was bleeding quite a bit from his head.

A fans' video from ringside actually shows how bad the bleeding was though, and you can watch the video in the post below.

During the event, WWE's cameras didn't focus on Styles again until he was looking in better shape, and some in attendance say that he was brought a towel by someone before he showed up on camera again.

Here you can see it's coming from his forehead a bit, and it doesn't look that bad until he starts moving across the floor (via @SWrastling).

You can also hear the crowd reacting and even Styles looking a little shocked, and when he notices he lays back down on the ground and covers his head a bit.