First AEW came for MJF’s roster spot on the official AEW website. Then they took away MJF’s merchandise from AEWShop.

Now the promotion continues its “war” with MJF by going to the only place one could go next in a dispute like this; ghosting them on social media.

Only two days after MJF delivered the most famous soliloquy since Hamlet uttered “to be, or not to be, that is the question”,

a quick look at their follows will show that AEW has officially unfollowed the “Mensch of the Censch” on Twitter.

However, the AEW on TNT account continues to follow MJF as of this writing, while the “Salt of the Earth” continues to follow both accounts

While this will undoubtedly have some fans questioning what is and isn’t real regarding the situation, most will see this as a continuation of a new storyline kick-started by AEW and MJF this past Wednesday on “AEW Dynamite”,

where MJF took numerous shots at AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan, his AEW contract and ex-WWE stars AEW has brought in.