Singer Adele said she felt like "a person's shell for two months" after her "Weekends with Adele" unexpectedly 

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by wikigiri | Jun 4, 2022 

canceled her Las Vegas residency a few days before she was expected to start in January.

In an interview, the singer admitted that he feels horrible about upsetting fans who spent thousands of dollars to attend.

"I guess I just had to wait for him and really mourn him

just lament for the show and get out of the guilt," Adele explained.

According to reports, Adele originally revealed the news of the cancellation in a sad Instagram video

telling supporters that dates would be rescheduled with more information to follow.

She said she needed to deal privately with the outcome of the canceled event, admitting that "the show wasn't good enough.

I'm not sure my peace was fatal. But it was horrible."

Despite her feelings for the fans, Adele commented that she did not regret her choice to end the stay